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The Western Pneumatics, Inc. Primary Oscillating Pulse (P.O.P.) Filter is an industrial baghouse filter used for removing fine particulate matter from air streams primarily used in material handling applications. The unit contains multiple filter bags contained within a single housing. An automatic cleaning arm removes built up particulate matter on the filter bags to provide long service life and system efficiency.

The Western Primary Oscillating Pulse Filter is an improvement upon smaller scale existing reverse pulse jet technology when applied to large scale industrial filters. The design of the system lends itself to large scale industrial applications without the issues associated with a large number of fixed blow tube assemblies. The primary advantage of this system is that a smaller number of valves, jet nozzles, blow tubes, and hosing are required to positively clean multiple bags in comparison with existing reverse pulse jet filter technology. The Western P.O.P. Filter is also an improvement over the large scale random fire baghouses on the market due to its ability to accurately clean filter bags and maintain a low static loss across the filter. This increase in efficiency reduces static system requirements and reduces overall energy consumption for the industrial plant.


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