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FDRW FEEDERS (wood products)

WP offers a full line of feeders. Feeders have many names such as chip feeder, rotary valve, rotary valve feeder, rotary airlock valve, rotary feeder valve and rotary airlock feeder. Feeders are sized based on a metered material volume and are heavily built to withstand pressures ranging up to 10 PSI. A rotary feeder has a top knife to shear larger materials and includes stainless steel overlayed blades and a chromed housing which have proven to be a good combination for the fight against abrasion and corrosion. WP keeps all standard feeders below a 30 x 35 in stock. We are experts at sizing feeders for specific applications. A feeder airlock can be used as an airlock where there is air pressure above the airlock and none below or it can be used as a rotary valve introducing materials into a high pressure system where air pressure exists.

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